Yoga Alliance and Certification
What if I am already a Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance?

If you are already a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher then you may use this course as continuing education. Moreover the resource materials we give you are above and beyond what is given to an in-house trainee. This makes this course also ideal for those who have already completed their 300hrYTT with use of elsewhere.

Yoga Alliance Registered teachers who are already RYT300 can enroll in this course for continuing education at a reduced rate. We are pleased to provide you with a lifetime access to all materials and a continuing education certificate for Yoga Alliance. (No need to complete homework, report submissions, video submissions and final exam writing. Personal mentoring sessions are not included into this package).

Is this YTT Yoga Alliance approved?

Yes!  House of Om is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance at the 300-hour level as well as a Continuing Education Provider (YA-CEP). Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from House of Om Yoga school through email  and will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher).

In light of COVID-19, Yoga Alliance made a temporary provision to allow its schools to offer contact hours in a virtual format from March 13—December 31 for any currently active teacher training program as well as those that will be running sessions during this timeframe.

Will I get the same certificate as if I would attend the course in person?

As per Yoga Alliance current exceptional permission you will get the same certificate as if you attended it in person.

What are the conditions to get the Certification?
  • 100% completion of all modules
  • Pass all exams
  • Complete Teaching Practice (5h of teaching, 25h of evaluation/practice)
What are the conditions of using the Zoom calls?

You can use all these calls during your intended completion time only! After your allocated period you can purchase private lessons to contact with the teacher and assist you with any questions.

Will I be able to register with YA as a RYT 500h after I complete training?

Yes, you will be able to apply for it.

What if I am unable to complete the training in time?

If you are unable to complete the training in time then keep in mind that if you wish to get Yoga Alliance certificate then you need to finish before 31st of December, 2021. There is a chance they will extend the time to next year but we can’t promise that. However, if they do not extend then you will receive House Of Om (Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School) certificate.

Yoga Teacher Training Online
Are there set dates when the course starts and finishes?

A new group starts twice per month.

What are the requirements to start the course?

You need to have already acquired a Yoga Alliance 200 hour yoga teacher training certification.

Do I need to have a teaching experience to apply for this training?

No, just to have the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from Yoga Alliance.

Why is online YTT better than offline?

Your HOME becomes your ASHRAM. It will not simply be a retreat for a month outside and then back home to the old habits, but you will grow and expand in your own home space. Which changes the whole game, since you are shaping yourself in a space where you will be using your habits daily.

You have a support team of teachers from all around the world, who you otherwise would not get access to. 

You can schedule your own time throughout the day. You can choose to do your studying either in the morning, during the day or evening – whatever suits you and your lifestyle the best!

About Our Course
How does your syllabus differ from other schools?

We offer a great immersion into the journey towards becoming a more professional yoga teacher!

Our course will go to depth of philosophy and history, and puts it together with practice. We have created an unique index of asanas, which not only shows the different postures but also guides you how to teach every single one of them. It also includes mudras, pranayama, bandhas, shatkriyas. Talking of shatkriya – you will find a deep dive into cleansing practices which you might have missed during your 200h YTT (practice and philosophy).  

Our course has 60 hours of live contact hours, an opening ceremony, mobile access, weekly webinars, downloadable/ printable lesson plan calendar and self-contract, downloadable/ printable course manual and PDF materials per every module, video lessons mixed with extensive reading material and reading recommendations, hundreds of quizzes and open questions designed to test your learning process and deepen your insight, daily journaling, a variety of bonus lessons that are sure to make you a more authentic teacher, and a plethora of additional material accessible after your graduation!

What is the syllabus I will learn?


You will be immersed in the ancient art of yoga/ meditation and deepen this knowledge extensively, with passionate teachers, in a nourishing environment for your heart and soul, along with like-minded seekers of spiritual growth.

Asana (Yoga Postures)

  • Further deepen your knowledge of alignment and technique
  • Review your progress with over 70 detailed videos on specific yoga poses

Pranayama (Breathwork)

  • Reveal what makes breath the core part of true stillness
  • Learn over 15 different breath methods with various effects

Dhyana (Meditation)

  • The course is designed to further your stillness and claim silence of mind
  • 11 meditations with unique affirmations

Mudras (Ritual Gestures)

  • Advance your comprehension of mudras and their effect
  • Discover over 20 techniques to use in your daily practice

Yoga Bandhas (Energy Locks)

  • Understand, embrace, and improve the flow of your energy
  • Strengthen and expand the capabilities of your body

Yoga Nidra

  • Routinely enter states of deeper awareness
  • Form a habit of mindfulness and wakefulness

Yoga Cleansing (Shatkarma)

  • Remove blockages in your energy channels
  • Follow guided sessions detailing full cleansing of body and mind

Mantra Chanting (Recitation of Sacred Sound)

  • Learn mantras and invocations
  • Supplement your daily practice and teaching with deeper value

Teaching Yoga in the Digital Age

  • Improve your knowledge of available tools
  • Learn to set up online classes
  • Give content of great quality to your online students

Interactive Online Learning

  • Engage in up to 60 hours of online meetings
  • Hands on learning – teach and evaluate your fellow students
  • Practice in live classes

Yoga Sutras

  • Uncover the deep knowledge seeping from the 196 verses with 8 hours of lectures
  • Reflect on the Yoga Sutras presented with interpretation one-by-one

Yoga History

  • Follow in steps of the great sages, seers, and gurus
  • Touch upon Bhagavad Gita, Samkhya school, Vedanta, and Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Anatomy and Physiology

An in-depth look into musculo-skeletal, reproductive, endocrine, respiratory, immunity, cardiovascular, nervous, and digestive-excretory systems

Energy Anatomy

  • Reflect on your relation with chakras, nadis, and koshas
  • Deepen your knowledge of the intangible elements in your body

Teaching Methodology

  • Learn about yoga for individual needs, therapy, or kids
  • Employ principles of additional Yoga tools

Adhyapanam (Teaching Practice)

  • Review and expand your ability to teach and adjust with over 90 brief videos on yoga practice
  • Understand student learning process

Yoga Ethics

  • Get a better grasp of group dynamics, priorities, and boundaries
  • Learn about different teaching styles

Yoga Business

  • Improve your positioning and marketing skills
  • Learn about the todays yoga industry

Weekly Challenges

  • Entertain yourself with challenging tasks
  • Learn about the holistic aspects of yoga

And Much More!

  • Reading recommendations
  • Marketing tools
  • Dietary guides
  • Expert advice
  • Class structuring ideas
  • More valuable material
What are the contact hours? How many are there in this course? How are they carried out?

Contact hours, according to yoga alliance, is the time of education in which a teacher is present. One of many great aspects that sets us apart from other online yoga teacher training courses is the amount of contact hours we offer – up to 60 hours! That is 4 hours per week + 2 hours before the beginning of the course and 2 hours after the final exams.

Every week you will have a Zoom call with your lead teacher and a study group of 5 people. During the call you will be taking roles of teaching yoga, evaluating the teaching skills of your fellow students, and practicing the classes they give – a total of 4 hours

When are the final exams? How are they carried out?

The exams are incorporated in your curriculum and take place during the last two weeks of study.

The final exams are comprised of several parts designed to holistically test your expertise as a professional yoga teacher. The exams will test your oral presentation skills, creativity, and teaching capability.

These will be the exams you will take:

Week 8

Oral presentation: 10 minutes on anatomy, 10 minutes on history/ philosophy

Teaching: Vinyasa Flow

Week 9

Written: Essay assignment

Teaching: Hatha Yoga

Will the level of my written English affect the final exams?

Very likely. There are multiple assessments, like an essay, oral presentations, and few hours of teaching – this will require you to have an adequate level of self-expression.

How is 300 hours YTT different from 200 hours YTT?

Put simply, 200 hours is the level 1 yoga teacher training, and 300 hours is generally the level 2.

Our 300h YTT takes you deeper into the knowledge of yoga. You already are a yoga teacher but this is your chance to go into the wisdom of the Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy, Shatkriyas, Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras and Meditation even deeper.

I took a 200-hour training with another school. Can I take the House of Om 300-hour course?

As long as you have Yoga Alliance 200h YTT certificate, you are able to attend our course.

What happens if I miss a day?

Our course is quite strict with time, so we highly recommend you to commit and start the course when you have enough time for it. Why? We believe that giving more strict structure to the course will be more beneficial to you and your yogic path in many ways: it will create strong daily habits around your yoga practice, it will make the learning process easier, it will strengthen the devotion to your practice. 

If, for any reason, you do miss a day then you will have to catch up next week.

If you have to miss the practicum then you will have to notify us in advance. 

What style of Yoga is this course focused on?

Hatha and Vinyasa (+ Meditation and Pranayama)

How physically demanding is the course?

Course is not physically demanding, but you have to be comfortable practicing yoga every day. If you have been practicing yoga regularly then this course is for you. 

Do I need to take the modules in specific order?

Ideally you go in order of: day one for module 1, day two for module 2, day three for module 3, and so on. 

Is it a self-paced online course or scheduled?

The full course is unlocked upon your registration.

What is the time commitment?

66 days course: up to 5 hours per day.

96 days course: up to 2,5 hours per day (starting only if there is enough demand to form study groups).

Practicum (Teaching Practice) once a week.

What is the Practicum (Teaching Practice)?

On suggested days you will have a group call with your fellow students and a teacher. In those classes you will be: 

  • Teaching other students
  • Evaluating the teaching of other students
  • Practicing the live teachings given
Do I need to be ‘advanced’ in my asana practice to complete the training?

No, you do not need to be very advanced in your asana practice, but you need to be committed.

Can I take this course if I have an injury?

Kindly let us know exactly what kind of injury you have before purchasing the course. If it is simply muscle strain then it will not be a problem. However, if it is a more serious injury then it might restrict your movement and practice. Please inform us beforehand, so we could advise you.

How long do I have access to the course?

For a lifetime.