Reply To: Introducing myself – practise online?

  • Nesya

    September 2, 2021 at 12:11 pm

    Hi Ornella, nice to e-meet you! I’m also new here.

    Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. This is Nesya from Jakarta. I started my yoga journey on 2014 through a fitness center in the city. What took me so long to levelling up on yoga? it’s because I wasn’t ready both mentally and emotionally. I am a person who will make a serious commitment when I choose/ decide on something. I did not think that being a yoga teacher can be interesting to me. Until one day, I found there was joy in myself when I shared with my mom some gentle yoga poses and taught her on how to start a simple meditation to reduce her anxiety (she has problem with stress and thus affecting her acid so much). She trusted me and was impressed about the result, so from that moment on she meditates regularly, almost everyday. It was hard to describe how happy I was when I saw my mom practiced her first meditation and could sleep better than she was before. So, I began to think about what made me so happy? I am happy to help my mother to get a better sleep quality, I am very very happy to see her smile every time she tells me “I had a very good sleep lastnight after 15mins meditation you taught me about”. Then I ask myself, why not helping others too? I can help many people to have a better life balance. It’s obviously makes me happy and happens like a wake-up call to me to help more and more people like my mom. I also helped 1 of my team mates in the company, he is very happy as well that I share the same things I taught to my mom. Moreover, I live in a very stressful city where I, myself, need to find my inner peace as well – as a part of my well-being.

    So here I am, in the House of Om platform. Actually I already made this plan since Jan as a 2021 resolution but at that time I was considering which yoga school should I take, the pandemic problems and so on. So, now I am happy that I finally chose House of Om to start my next yoga journey. I’m still exploring here on the platform so please bear with me especially to Sasa ^^ thanks for assisting me so far, pardon my technical problem like I just accidentally left the group you assigned me to hehe..??

    Lastly, allow me to ask/ learn more about yoga from all of you here, all the gurus and yoga seniors. Namaste?