Hey from USA!

  • Hey from USA!

    Posted by Christina Seifert on July 3, 2023 at 4:54 pm

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Christina but friends call me Tina. I recently signed up for the online 200hrs YTT course. I was born and raised in Jamaica but I now live in Pennsylvania. I’m looking to connect with anyone but also more specifically persons in my timezone to make it easier to communicate. Good luck to you all on this new journey of learning and growing. Feel free to reach out to me here or on my Instagram : @oh_thatschristina.

    Love and light, xoxo

    Christina Seifert replied 8 months, 2 weeks ago 5 Members · 8 Replies
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  • Josué RS

    July 3, 2023 at 5:54 pm

    Hi Christina! Welcome to the journey! I started fairly recently. I am located in CST so its either 2 or 1 hrs behind depending on time of the year! AND, Im based in Costa Rica 🤙🏽😎

    • Christina Seifert

      July 29, 2023 at 9:00 pm

      Hello! How cool we’re also in the same study group. Sorry for my late response, I’m just getting the chance to catch up with my messages. I am two hours ahead of you but we definitely should connect.

  • faten Chaffai

    July 4, 2023 at 2:07 pm

    Hi Christina, I live in NH. I m from Tunisia. Love to connect 🙂

    • Christina Seifert

      July 29, 2023 at 8:55 pm

      Hi Faten! How crazy you live and you’re from two places I’d love to visit. Thanks for responding, connecting would be great 🙂

  • Charlie Butterfield

    July 5, 2023 at 4:44 pm

    Hey Christina, great to connect with you, im interested in connecting with like minded people, we arnt local but I run and work on retreats all over the world, maybe our paths will cross one day! If you ever visit the UK hit me up! I’m @satoriharper on insta x

    • Christina Seifert

      July 29, 2023 at 8:23 pm

      Hi Charlie! So sorry for my late reply. I would love definitely to connect and maybe even do one of your retreats if the universe allows it. Thank you for reaching out, hope all is well 🙂

  • Illeana Almanza

    July 7, 2023 at 2:32 pm

    Hi Tina! I live in Florida, maybe our times will be manageable? 🙂

    • Christina Seifert

      July 29, 2023 at 8:46 pm

      Hi Illeana, I have family in Florida and sometimes I visit on major holidays. Who knows, maybe our paths will cross there some day 🙂