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200Hrs Yoga Teacher Training

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Course Structure

The course is designed in 21 Modules: 20 Learning Modules + Module 0 (instructional), each learning Module representing a real full-day training from our school in Bali. Module 1 has an opening ceremony and Module 20 has a graduation ceremony, Modules 7 & 14 are self-reflection (silent days).

We named each Module with the main highlight of the day, nevertheless, each Module is structured more or less like the following:

  • Pranayama, learning & practice, 1 hour
  • Yoga Asana, learning & practice with Mudras and Bandhas (Morning and afternoon practices), 3 hours
  • Theory (History, Philosophy, Anatomy, Physiology, etc), 3 hours
  • Teaching Methodology practice, 1 hour
  • Mantra learning and chanting, 15 minutes
  • Meditation, learning and practice, 1 hour
  • Yoga Nidra , 30 minutes
  • Multi quizzes, 30 minutes
  • Other learning materials, 30 minutes
  • Other bonus materials (it’s not part of the exam)

*The full Course is broadcasted live on our YouTube channel every month as per the schedule in the Live Streams menu, and available on-demand at our Youtube and with HD recording at our course Modules

**You could complete the full course in 21 days with the commitment of 10 hours every day.