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Guided Meditation. Spinal Activation

Spinal Activation Meditation

Meditation has long been practiced in numerous religious traditions, often as part of the path towards enlightenment and self-realisation.  

Immunity, anxiety relief, and coping with stress are the focus of meditation this week. You will be guided through the meditation and activate your spine.


  1. @Support I just asked my questions about 10 days ago and it is waiting for moderation till now. Would you please check? I think it may have been forgotten.

  2. I’ve always scared to do meditation, I’ve tried few times only last for 4-6mins and I’ve burst in tears …. hope I can join physically there to learn more ??????

    My downward facing dog with one leg up, I still open the hip of the leg up and this make my hips not square.

  3. Hey Silvia!
    Thank you for sharing from your heart, we are here to support you. You can always trust our beautiful teacher Peewee, she is an amazing guide! And it’s normal that different emotions come up while diving more inwards, they probably want to be released. But always take it easy and be kind to yourself 🙂
    Regarding the downward dog: just raise your leg as far up as your hips still remain square.
    Much love

  4. I did inhale and exhale by nose during the meditation and yes I hear my own breath sound, its quite loud. Except the earlier guidance and the last that Peewee said exhale by mouth. Is it correct?

  5. Hey Rika! The way Peewee guides is correct 🙂 It’s beneficial to exhale through the mouth a few times after the meditation to bring you back from the meditative state. And it’s also good to do it before meditation a few times to release more tension from the body. However, overall in most meditations (if not guided differently), it’s best to breathe through the nose.

  6. What a wonderful meditation. It felt like my spine awakened beautifully with the inhale but exhale was a bit slow. I will do it a few more times. This is such a great one for pregnant students as well. Would you mind sharing a script for this one?

  7. Hi Catarina,
    Not in all meditation practises. Incase in a particular meditative technique, it has been mentioned and have been guiding you to place the tongue touching the upper palette then only do so, Otherwise the mouth and the tongue remains relaxes. For eg: In Bhramari Pranayama, one needs to place the tongue touching the upper palette, the vibrations will be felt different.

  8. This meditation was lovely!! I loved the method of rubbing your hands together to create energy then spreading it across the body 🙂

  9. I’m new to meditation practice and I can’t keep focus after the first 4-5 minutes 🙂 my thoughts kept wondering around. any suggestions on how to stay focus?

  10. Find my self hard to reconnect in meditation but was able to withhold from daydreaming. Thanks for talks us through in helping me stay focus.

  11. Great Meditation and asana course. Thanks Dear Peewee. I enjoyed so much and learned lots of new things.
    Just 2 questions:
    1. Is there any instruction which should be followed for yoga nidra and meditations. Today our yoga nidra body scan was started from the head to toes, and in meditation it was vice versa. Could it be changed?
    2. Which part of this meditation has been designed to release the anxiety? Actually I think all meditations and even only awareness about the breathing is enough to stress relief, but I’m not sure whether there is any specified routines for this purpose?
    Thank you so much

  12. Dear Massoume,

    1.Both Head to toe or toe to head starting is fine.
    2.Yes, as you rightly mentioned, all kinds of meditation works towards calming our system, especially stress and anxiety and can help us slow down racing thoughts. Mainly, because they are all working on the Parasympathetic System at the nervous system level.

    A common question in terms of meditation more often is about beginner or intermediate levels of practise . So here, Sohum Meditation is one of the simplest and powerful way to calm our system and direct thoughts, reduce anxiety. Yoga Nidra with Visualization is also a great way and can be relaxing for many! -Spoorthi

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