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300Hrs Yoga Teacher Training

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How Does it All Work?

This 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training is designed in a way that is meant to engage you and other students in collective work. Within these daily hours you will find a depth of knowledge on yoga practice and theory.

You will also be presented with a selection of teachers to choose from, to lead you through the training in person. For our 300HRS certification, the students need to complete the Modules, the Live ZOOM Presentation, Submitting the recorded 10 minutes each for videos of Anatomy and Philosophy.

Furthermore, it is possible to complete the course in more than the intended 4 months. The Yoga Alliance certificate deadline has currently been extended until the end of 2023. If you finish after the deadline set by the Yoga Alliance, you will receive the House of Om certificate only.

Those of you who are coming from our 200 hours online YTT will already be familiar with the structure and the way of work.

Before the course

As soon as you join the course, you will receive a welcome email. This also marks the beginning of the process to allocate you to a group.

The first meeting, set one day before the course starts, will open with a welcoming explanation of the course and an inspiring introduction by the founder Wissam Barakesh.

It is very likely that upon joining the course you will still have some time before the first meeting. You can take this time to prepare your account, join the open groups, start learning the ropes, familiarize with the modules, and even tackle the lessons. During this time you will be allocated to groups and get to know your Lead teacher. As soon as the teacher joins, they will engage you all in the group’s discussion board.


In a typical day you will find one of the two practice classes – Hatha or Vinyasa Flow in the afternoon, both accompanied with Pranayama and meditation; once a day you will do Yoga Nidra. There are a total of twelve different Hatha and Vinyasa lessons, 11 different meditations, and a single, polished, Pranayama routine, which will be thoughtfully combined to ensure your practice is both entertaining and fruit-bearing.

Theory-wise, there are classes on Yoga history, philosophy, anatomy, physiology, teaching methodology, ethics, and a substantial section on Yoga business.


There will be weekly 4 hours live Zoom sessions, all four hours done in a single session. As per standard it is suggested to have it on Saturday mornings; however, this date will dependent entirely on your group’s agreement – it can be any time and any day of the week. You will be able to arrange it in your group’s discussion board.

The groups consist of 5 students, and each lead teacher will take care of three groups.

You will need to design a Hatha or Vinyasa Flow sequence for these classes, including approximately 25 minutes of asana, 10 minutes of pranayama, and 5 minutes of meditation.

In each call the Lead teacher will be there to guide you through the following:

  • Teaching yoga to other students.
  • Evaluating the teaching skills of other students. You will need to observe their teaching session and note any feedback you feel will be useful, which you will later share with them.
  • Practicing yoga as instructed by your fellow students and teacher
  • There will be a time for a guided discussion led by the Lead teacher, during which you can share your experiences, receive tasks, and build a tribe with other students.

You can use these Zoom meetings on the given time or another set timeline dependent on the group. If you miss any, you are allowed to submit a video recording of yourself teaching a class, which will count towards your required teaching hours.

If you miss a few meetings, and wish to joint live Zoom calls, you can purchase an additional group enrollment for a small fee, and attends the classes with another group.

You can use all these calls during your intended completion time only! After your allocated period you can purchase private lessons to contact with the teacher and assist you with any questions.


The homework assignments in our course are all about reinforcing the learning progress!

  • Each theory lesson is followed with thoughtful questions designed by our Head Teacher Manish Pole to advance your understanding of yoga teaching. Imagine what you would be discussing the live course – these are the questions.
  • Finally, to cement your learning progress and deepen your self-inquiry, you will be writing down your reflections throughout the learning journey

If you really want to succeed

This is the best advice we can give you if you want to make sure you’re taking every additional step to benefit the most from our course:

  • Have an established yoga practice; make sure you practice regularly
  • Practice your breathing and meditation often
  • Offer to teach your friends and family about yoga and meditation; it will be fun, and they may establish their own practice
  • Discuss everything you’ve learned with your fellow group members
  • Read and really integrate all of the knowledge you’ve learned into your own life
  • Make sure you pay attention to everything. And if there’s something you don’t understand, by all means, ask questions!
  • Attend the weekly Q&A webinar – you can direct questions there by tagging @Question, e.g. “I have a @question about module 15”.
  • Print all the PDF files and write down your notes when you watch the videos
  • Print the weekly lesson calendar and place it in a visible place

After-graduation support

You maintain the access to the course material and any new content that is added to it – new lessons and bonus content. Once you graduate the course, you can still use the groups to network and advertise your own services, you can even contact us if you want to offer something outside of yoga classes, as long as it pertains to holistic wellness!


Make sure to keep your purchase receipt!

For more information make sure to check our FAQ