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How Does It All Work?

Our training is designed in a way that can be 100% self-study. While it is not mandatory to attend all the Zoom calls, you must fulfill the contact hours requirement set by the Yoga Alliance to pass this course. Therefore, we advise that you participate in at least half the Zoom calls available. You will receive constructive feedback for your homework, assignments, and final exam.

At House of Om, we have created different ways to help you in your study journey:

1. Quizzes which will help you review your study progress for each module.

2. Mandatory Homework assignments to check your performance. Submissions will be reviewed and feedback will be given, so you can improve your skills further. Check Module 0 Homework Submissions for more information.

3. Study groups. You will be together with students in a similar time zone. This group of students will be the one who you can communicate with and support each other.

4. Group Zoom calls with your assigned teacher and study group.

5. Online workshop to discover more about the yoga with different teachers every week.

6. Opportunity to invest in private classes with your chosen teacher.

How to navigate our online platform

Start your learning journey

Head to Module 1. Your progress percentage will be visible on the progress bar under the Modules list.

For our classes and saved live sessions make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Joining a group

You will receive a notification and email invitation to ‘Join a Group’, in order for you to communicate with your teacher and fellow students.

You will be assigned to a study group and will be allocated to a teacher based on your time zone.

Once you have been allocated to a study group, the deadline for the teacher to review your homework to acquire the House of Om’s certificate will be one month after the last Zoom calls ended in total will be 4 months. If you have submitted all mandatory homework assignments, you have the flexibility to submit your 1-hour final exam video to the teacher and final essay assignment to student support at any time, even beyond the specified deadline.

After this, the study group will be dismissed. If students have almost completed their course and only need to submit the final exam, they are still able to do so through their respective teachers.

But if students haven’t been able to participate in the calls and submit the homework/or still have a long way to go to finish the course, we would need to suggest they re-assign to a new study group in order to comply with Yoga Alliance’s rules regarding contact hours.

Assigning students to a new study group will require students to pay an additional US $90.

Once you have been assigned to a group, please introduce yourself to your teacher and your fellow students.

We would like the students to commit to their study group and follow along with the group’s process. Once you have been assigned to a study group, if, for whatever reason you are not ready to start, please contact student support.

Once the study group has started with the Zoom meetings, you can only change your study group with an additional fee of US $90.

If you would like to join the House of Om group, follow us on Instagram:

Setting the first call

Your assigned teacher will be in touch with you to schedule your first Zoom call. In addition to the first call, you will have 5 live calls: after completing Modules 5, 10, 13, 17 & 19. During these calls, you can ask questions and receive feedback on your homework assignments (you will be uploading photos/videos of your teaching skills).

*The Zoom calls are scheduled every two weeks

**All Zoom calls are recorded and can be accessed at a later date if you are unable to attend

Final exam

The exam is separated into two parts: practical and written. 

For the practical exam, you will record yourself teaching a 60-minute yoga class. The class plan will be provided by your teacher and will follow a standard structure: introduction, centering if relevant – pranayama and sun salutations, asana sequence, Shavasana, and closing the class

The written exam will take place after the completion of the practical exam. In Module 20 you will find a lesson called “Final Written Exam”. This will be in the structure of a quiz, with approximately 200 questions, which you will have 2 hours to complete it. You will need to achieve at least 50% to successfully pass the exam.

Finally, you will write an essay. You may use a suggested topic. It will also be reviewed and, if sufficient, posted on our blog with all credit to you.

After-graduation support

After graduation, you will receive lots of valuable bonus materials. You can view them in the last module.


Make sure to keep your purchase receipt! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to student support.

For more information make sure to check our FAQ


  1. I cannot see on my home page the Live Stream button, instead I have Courses. would be great to see the schedule you have in Bali and have the opportunity to follow some classes. thank you

  2. Hello Ezra, Thank you for reaching out. our zoom calls are mostly done as a group, yet if you would like to have one on one call with the teacher and consult more privately, we will absolutely happy to assist and arrange the call according to our term and condition.

  3. very explanatory video and it will help us to move further.
    What about one hour video ? Should it be in continuity of one hour or one can record it in parts?

  4. For the practical exam, this should be done in person? Also is there a minimum number of student required to attend the class? Thanks!

  5. Hi Sarrah,
    It is correct, the practical exam should be done in person, and minimum 5 students required to attend the class over zoom meeting.

  6. Hello, I am not sure about the practical exam !! How does that actually work ? Do I have find people who would like to join my class ? What if , I can’t gather ?

  7. Dear Sanjida!
    Thank you for your comment and feedback, I am sorry that this made you feel the way it did. Please, if you have any questions regarding this topic, kindly contact student support ?

  8. Thanks for the information
    Actually there are many differences between the platform which has been explained in video and current platform, I think. Dashboard was replaced for lots of menu items…
    Anyhow just I couldn’t find somewhere asked me about my plan for duration of the course. it was not included in profile questions. I would be thankful if you let me know the link.
    I’m happy to start my journey with you all

  9. Very much liked the webinar, got confused about a new platform layout, I think I preferred the one that was in the video but then got my head round it, thx so much for a thorough walk through 🙂

  10. For the practical exam, you will record yourself teaching a 60-minute class. The class plan is provided by your teacher and will follow a standard structure: introduction, centering, if relevant – pranayama and sun salutations, asana sequence, Shavasana, and the ending.

  11. Dear June,

    The allocation to study group will take 1 to 2 weeks. Then, you will have zoom calls with your study group members with same time zone and preferred schedule.

    Best, student support

  12. Dear June,

    As we have previously mentioned before the allocation to study group will take 1 to 2 weeks. Due to current popularity of our online course it takes longer then usual. But in 2 weeks time we will ensure that you will get a study group.

    Best, student support

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