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Student Data

This is your starting point, completing your data is essential so the student support can start the process of adding you to a study group and assign you to a teacher. The study group is a great place to introduce yourself to other members/ teachers and start building networks and friendships with like-minded people.

We kindly ask students to complete your profile information (General and Student Data). This process might take 5-10 minutes.

Please follow these next steps to edit your profile on your Student data information: Click on your account name in the top right, from the drop-down menu choose Profile, and then Edit. In the newly opened screen click on Student Data and fill in the required fields (some are optional).

Note: automatically, most of the questions are set to be visible to all members. For information such as “Your Practice” and “Medical Conditions”, you would want to keep the visibility to “my connections”, which will allow your trainer (who you will need to add to your connections) to be aware of your situation.

Regarding the social media questions where you can share your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Please note that you have to copy the URL from your page, not just your username.

Under each question, you have the visibility option to choose if you would like your information to be visible to the public (unregistered users), all members of the course, your connections only, or only you.


  1. I only saw 4 options that of public, all members, your connections and by you. I opted by me only. In that case will the trainer be able to see as that is the purpose.

  2. Hi Veena! You would want to keep the visibility of questions about your practice and medical conditions at least at “my connections” visibility, which will allow your trainer (who you will need to add to your connections) to be aware of your situation. Much love!

  3. I knew that i have to create a Youtube chanel, what about facebook! i dont use facebook at all, do i have to create one as well!

  4. Hi, I’m following the instructions above, but in Profile – Edit Profile – Student data, it doesn’t have the option “How soon do you intend to finish the course”. I didn’t find this question.
    Could someone help me? I need to fill this information to be allocated in a group.

  5. Hi Larissa,
    Regarding your question about the course timeline. we actually give the option to all students to go at their own pace. First of all, Your progression will depend on your homework assignment submissions.

    The offered timeframe is based on the 6 optional zoom calls to support you. The calls take place every two weeks. we have removed the intention option on Student preference, you can always finish earlier than your group.

  6. Can i change the time of my zoom meetings
    I can be daily moring from 11am -2pm exept weekends i acant (saturday sunday)

  7. Dear Layan, please send private message to the Student Support in our platform so we will take note of your case.

    Student support

  8. Hi, I do not have a website and therefore can not have 100% finish profile. Does that mean that I have to create a website? Because I have Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

  9. Hi!
    When I completed the student’s profile, I don’t remember seeing the option to put the beginning date, and “how soon do you intend to finish the course?”
    Has this option changed?

  10. Dear Flavia,

    We give options to our student to choose if they want to start the course immediately or if they do not want to start yet. If they choose do not want to start yet, then we will not allocate them yet to a study group. Please kindly inform us the Student Support if you’re all set and ready to be allocated to the new study group. You could easily contact us through message in the platform or email: [email protected]

    By then, we will look into our student database and will allocate you to the group study with your time zone and suit your availability, it might take a while due to current popularity in our online course. Please bear with us. As we have previously mentioned before the allocation to study group will take 1 to 2 weeks. But in 2 weeks time we will ensure that you will get a study group.

    Should you have any further inquiries regarding the course, please let us know. ?

    Much Love and Light from House of Om,
    Manda – student support

  11. I do not have a YouTube account nor website and therefore it is showing that my profile is incomplete. How can I complete it !!

  12. Dear Weam,

    All students are required to create a YouTube channel for their homework and final exams submission. The video content will have to be uploaded to YouTube (if you don’t want anyone else to see these videos, we recommend choosing “unlisted” video setting). With the video uploaded, copy its shareable link and send it to your assigned trainer (don’t forget you need to have them in your connections). Should you have further inquiries or concerns regarding the online course. Please don’t hesitate to let us know. We would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

    Much love, student support

  13. Dear Pui Heong,

    Your profile is already complete, and as we have previously mentioned before the allocation to study group will take 1 to 2 weeks. Due to current popularity of our online course it takes longer than usual. But in 2 weeks time we will ensure that you will get a study group.

    Lastly, please feel free to explore the course materials, and start reading the manual and the module and prepare for the homework, so you don’t have to wait until we allocate you to the study group and we will notify you soon as it’s all set ?

    Should you have any inquiries please message us the Student support.

    Much love, Manda

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