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Student Data

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Only after filling out the Student Data, you have gained full access to the course. That is because the information you have provided there is used to arrange the groups by time zone and practice time preferences.

Completing your data is essential – student grouping occurs only after the required information has been provided! Kindly complete your profile information (General and Student Data), it may take 5-10 minutes.

To access it follow the path to your Student data information: click on your account name in the top right, from the drop-down menu choose Profile, and then Edit. In the newly opened screen click on Student Data and fill in the required fields (some are optional).

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Note: automatically, most of the questions are set to be visible to all members. You would want to keep the visibility of questions about your practice and medical conditions at least at “my connections” visibility, which will allow your trainer (who you will need to add to your connections) to be aware of your situation.

Regarding the social media questions where you can share your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc … please note that you have to copy the URP from your page, not to only type your user name.

Under each question, you have the visibility option to choose if you would like your answer to be visible to the public (unregistered users), all members of the course, your connections only, or only you.