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Yoga Nidra. Grounding Earth

*Note: these classes have the same beginning to guide you consistently; the last few minutes of affirmation are always different

Earth: Grounding

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, one that occurs just before falling asleep, typically induced by a guided meditation.

The focus of this class will be the element of earth and grounding yourselves.


  1. Hello. Can an instructor make his/ her own yoga nidra visualization technique or it has to be just what is mentioned in the video?

  2. Thank you for this wonderful session 🙂
    One question, how long is the ideal duration to do this Yoga Nidra ? Around 20 minutes ?

  3. Hey Rika!
    This is normal and happens to many. When your body is tired then it’s good that it takes its rest 🙂 And it also takes a little practice to exit the awake/alert state, and instead of falling into a sleep state, to go into meditation. Give yourself time and kindness!

  4. Amazing meditation.
    It’s amazing how truly you can feel the energy floating around the body. At one point I felt a block on pelvic area so i decided to extend the meditation by breathing much longer in the area. It is a great knowledge to release tensions we do not know otherwise. I will repeat this meditation few more mornings. Namaste

  5. Omg…such a weird experience, in a good way i mean. ive started very aware of everything, and heavy but after a while my body became so heavy and light same time, ive started to feel hot, my hands were sweating, my body felt like floating and flying …i felt high and i mean high, like i had fainted …never felt nothing like this before….very powerful practice