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Yoga Nidra. Grounding Earth

*Note: these classes have the same beginning to guide you consistently; the last few minutes of affirmation are always different

Earth: Grounding

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, one that occurs just before falling asleep, typically induced by a guided meditation.

The focus of this class will be the element of earth and grounding yourselves.


  1. Hello. Can an instructor make his/ her own yoga nidra visualization technique or it has to be just what is mentioned in the video?

  2. Thank you for this wonderful session 🙂
    One question, how long is the ideal duration to do this Yoga Nidra ? Around 20 minutes ?

  3. Hey Rika!
    This is normal and happens to many. When your body is tired then it’s good that it takes its rest 🙂 And it also takes a little practice to exit the awake/alert state, and instead of falling into a sleep state, to go into meditation. Give yourself time and kindness!

  4. Amazing meditation.
    It’s amazing how truly you can feel the energy floating around the body. At one point I felt a block on pelvic area so i decided to extend the meditation by breathing much longer in the area. It is a great knowledge to release tensions we do not know otherwise. I will repeat this meditation few more mornings. Namaste

  5. Omg…such a weird experience, in a good way i mean. ive started very aware of everything, and heavy but after a while my body became so heavy and light same time, ive started to feel hot, my hands were sweating, my body felt like floating and flying …i felt high and i mean high, like i had fainted …never felt nothing like this before….very powerful practice

  6. Wow,so interesing feelings after practice,first of all it was cold,my hands and body freeze,but when awake I feel more energy inside.

  7. Dear Anastasia,

    I might not have a detailed reason for this one… Yes, Yoga Nidra is done lying down supine, for that is the most natural way if one is doing the relaxation. One can do it seated, with similar visualization techniques in the form of Meditation, however, that is not known as Yoga Nidra. One cant completely and consciously relaxes unless lying down.

  8. Thank you for this session. I felt some triggers of anxiety and tensions coming from my throat and solar plexus area and a sort of fear to fall asleep. I just accepted it and kept breathing naturally and felt very restored at the end!

  9. Hey Federica!
    Beautiful that you listen to your body, it is important to take it slower, in the beginning, ? Keep breathing and find your balance.

  10. I Loved this session. I fell asleep for a while tho. I have two questions: it’s better to exhale through the mouth for deeper relaxation/release? Or whatever feels good? The second question is, it’s recommended palms faced up?
    Thank you.

  11. I loved this meditation so much! I was wondering if we can have access to the script for this yoga Nidra meditation?

  12. Wow I’ve never done yoga nidra practice, I almost sleep, incredible state i got into it, almost floating at some point. really restorer

  13. It was such a powerful practice, and I loved it so much! I felt like in a different dimension, literally floating somewhere “there”. Especially before the end, I felt flowing and expanding energy in my palms as they were hot at the same time. It was such a beautiful experience. Thank you! ???

  14. Best time for Yoga Nidra would be both morning or evening. Before meals would be best, because the mind will be more attentive to the practise and visualizations.

    Incase after meals, then for Yoga Nidra atleast a gap of 2-3 hours
    P.s. For asanas and Pranayama best is before meals/breakfast always but if in the evening then please have a gap of 3-4 hours post meals

  15. this is the first time i fall asleep in a meditation instead of falling out to distraction , its such a great nourishments to my body, joints and bone . however in between the music, there were some “bang” noise that scare me , dont know if that is a mistake or included in the music haha, but overall its a beautiful experience

  16. Different adorable feelings that I got.When I reached breathing out of my toes,I felt asleep for awhile.But I woke up while starting imagined myself as stone.Great relaxation feelings after completing it.Thank you alot

  17. Hi Ghida,
    so yoga nidra is a type of guided meditation where teacher guides you through entire layer to reach true self. and all meditations where you instruct your students how to do it is guided meditation. but Yoga nidra is specific set of practice which have to be same always. you cannot change the pattern but guided meditations can be modified as per individual needs. e.g Ashtanga Yoga and Traditional Yoga (ashtanga yoga is a set of asana series which can not be changed. while yoga can be practiced in any modified versions.

  18. It was my first time to experience Yoga Nidra, in the beginning my mind was wondering, but i was able to focus throughout with effort to stay attentive in the breath, almost dozed off but did not, now I feel refreshed, and my mind is clear from all the thoughts and daily worries I was having before the practice. thank you

  19. I really experienced the relaxation effect on my brain waves between being conscious and unconscious from time to another. Can we get the guided imagery to know how to practice it with our clients as a verbal technique?

  20. This was so deep. I felt like i was floating, there was no body, no effort. I was crying and for sure i released some unwanted or unneeded tension. At one point it felt i was falling in love. Not on physical level but only on spiritual level. Truly magical meditation and i can’t wait to do it again. <3

  21. that was great feeling of peace and relaxation but still i felt like my mind is resisting at some points , i have some questions about frequency of practice weekly or daily and about my practice can it be all by my self with no self instructions but just music or nature sound and for teaching also i can choose any relaxing sound with instructions and if there are other sequences .
    thank you so much

  22. Dear Rosita,

    Every Yoga Nidra practice under our Modules gives a clear guideline on how to structure the Visualization properly.
    – In the beginning, it is best to stick to the words that have been structured in our Curriculum. Write them down etc. For these words have been spoken keeping in mind a systematic approach, so there is proper visualization happening to lead into deeper states of Dharana & Dhyana (Meditation).
    – Many practitioners, when they write down their own Visualization without experiencing much about Yoga Nidra, may touch the base of positivity and some relaxation. However, the exploration and tapping of the subconscious mind are far away from it, if the words are not coming from authentic sources of schools or books.
    – And the Book by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, “Yoga Nidra” is another best Reference on further words and practices.


  23. Since practicing this guided meditation I have practiced it several times simply because it felt so wonderful. What is the best way to introduce such a valuable practice to students. I realize that the usual time many studios offer for a class session would make this seem rushed in order for this to truly build onto a meaningful experience. I would love to have your suggestions.

  24. Dear Michelle,

    Yes, Yoga Nidra is a practice that will require a minimum of 30 minutes or more.
    • For this reason, It is a class that needs to be separately taken. Mostly not as a part of our usual asana class. Many studios offer a variety of sessions. Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin, and many keep Pranayama and Relaxation separate for the audience too… So here you can do it separately for your audience.
    • Another example is many teachers offer tri-weekly programs, so here we can give our students intense practices with asanas and a few Pranayama twice a week and the end of the week, could be an hour of only Gentle warmups (Asanas) + Pranayama & + the last 30-35 mins of Yoga Nidra Meditation. This works great with most people.

    Best, Spoorthi

  25. Hi,
    that was amazing,I feel relaxed, refreshed and ready for what the day holds for me.

    Thank you

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