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300Hrs Yoga Teacher Training

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Zoom Calls

Zoom Calls within the 300 Hours program offer comprehensive practical sessions, providing the flexibility to proceed at your own pace, separated of our modules. During these sessions, you’ll refine teaching skills, participate in practice sessions led by peers, and engage in discussions facilitated by mentors. Each student has the opportunity to design and lead live sessions, receiving valuable feedback from teachers to enhance their teaching abilities.

What topics will be covered during the Zoom calls and what is their purpose?

Key points about the Zoom Calls and their objectives:

Application of Teaching Skills: These calls serve as a medium to apply and test your teaching skills.

Student-Led Design: Every student has the time to design and apply what they’ve learned from both the 300-hour and 200-hour modules.

Teacher Evaluation: Teachers provide essential feedback to finesse teaching skills.

Additional Content: The calls include extra lectures, uploaded material, and shared resources, supplementing the standard modules.


Planning of Zoom Calls in terms of hours:
Mandatory Attendance: 40-45 Contact Hours are required.
Number of Calls: 15-18 Zoom Calls, allowing for a weekly schedule or a personalized pace.
Teaching Sessions: 6-7 hours for teaching sessions covering 6 topics and a final exam.
Observing and Practicing: 25-30 hours allocated for observing, practising, and attending lectures.

Each Zoom Call lasts approximately 2.5-3 hours, with a 10-15 minute break. Calls are scheduled weekly within your Study Group’s time, with invitations sent by Student Support on our platform and via email. Recordings are available if you cannot attend, but completion of 40/45 hours of Zoom Calls is mandatory.

For a visual guide, refer to the example video at the following link:
Password: Wg=YY8U4