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Zoom Calls

Welcome to the last part of your introduction! In your enrollment form, you have provided us with information about yourself, your intention, vision, and health. Now, let’s talk a little bit and get to know each other even better.

Please note that Zoom calls are not mandatory to attend – they are there to support you through your journey. All the Zoom calls will be recorded and posted in your group’s feed and discussion board.

Your call will be scheduled by the student coordinator, according to your time zone and your convenience. We are very excited to meet you!

Want to see how it will look? Check the example video below with few of our students chatting with our teacher.


  1. hi I just saw the 1st zoom call in live streaming and wondering where is the 2nd zoom call ,and where I can receive the info about next zoom call?

    Thank you

  2. Hey Mercy!
    At the moment we haven’t had any zoom calls yet. We are broadcasting live videos every day and that was probably what you saw 🙂 Within a few days we will assign you to your groups and after that, you get more info about zoom calls and homework. Thank you for your patience! And don’t worry, we will definitely let you know when new assignments are happening 🙂

  3. Great explanation and visualisation of the Asanas! I love that you gave an example of how a zoom calll would look like!

  4. @support I enrolled yesterday, but I did not find in my profile the field where to indicate that I would like to complete my training in more than 2 or 3 months. Thank you in advance for your support.

  5. Hi Monica,
    Recently we removed the intention of the course.
    regarding your question about the course timeline. we actually give the option to all students to go at their own pace. First of all, Your progression will depend on your homework assignment submissions. The offered timeframe is based on the 6 optional zoom calls to support you. The calls are recorded and always accessible. the calls take place every two weeks. you can always finish earlier and use the zoom calls later.

  6. Actually Monica question was mine too, thanks for your reply
    And thanks for Sample Zoom Call with peewee I learn new things for adjustment in these 2 asanas.