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GMT+1 Central European Time (CET) Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris

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Hi there!! I am Charlotte, a 33 belgian girls, i make my living by managing spas.
I have been working for spa industry since 10 years.
I love traveling, cooking and surfing.
In addition, I really enjoy paying attention to the ecology and sustainability. For exemple to do my shopping at sharity shops and to save food from the stores.
At this time, I also really want a balance work, wich is why I take on doing yoga. I see this practice such as a body and soul activity and I dream of sharing this philisophy in my working day life.
Morevover, I am studying lithotherapy, singing bowls and watsu. Consequently, I want to mix all of this as a healing therapy.
I look forward to do and improve yoga together !!

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cooking, surfing and reading

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As soon as possible

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Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Other

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10 years ago I started my career as a beauty and massage therapist. So I learnt some all over the world massages.
At the main time, I was a trainer for massages and facial treatments to teach massages protocols to other massage therapists and train beauty and massage trainees as well. After that I wanted to grow as a manager and I had started as a spa assistant for 1 year and after that I took over a spa as a spa manager.