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My professional background is in social work, research, and policy focusing on social stratification. I'm now transitioning to a career supporting people on thier journey to holistic wellness.

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Brooklyn, NYC

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GMT-8 Pacific Standard Time (PST) Los Angeles, San Diego

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Morning, AM


English (native), Spanish (second)

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I was born and raised in Portland, OR USA, but have lived in many different cities and countries including Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Spain. I now live in Brooklyn in New York City! Professionally, I’m passionate about ending systems of oppression and exploitation and supporting people who have been victims of those systems. I’ve done that work for many years as a researcher, social worker, and policy advocate. Personally, I love all thing related to the outdoors, especially gardening and exploring parks, rivers and lakes as well as spending time with family and friends and reading. I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for over 10 years and am super excited to get my 300hr certification for both my personal practice and to support people on their journey to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

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In addition to yoga and meditation, I enjoy running, gardening, reading, and leaning about using herbs, fruits, and vegetables to support healing as well as physical, mental, and emotional wellness. I also enjoy living in new places and exploring nature and parks with family and friends!

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As soon as possible

Expertise in yoga

Already 200Hrs RYT

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I LOVE IT ALL, Vinyasa Flow

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I guide people in yoga and meditation, mostly in informal and individual settings, occasionally in small groups. I typically teach a power vinyasa flow accessible to beginners and people with limited mobility. I also support people in making lifestyle changes through diet, exercise, and herbalism to support their health and wellbeing