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Le Divellec






Yoga teacher

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05000 Gap

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GMT+1 Central European Time (CET) Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris

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Morning, AM


French, english

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I’m a yoga teacher and tree climber living in the French town of Gap, in the middle of the mountains. I work with my own organization called Nemeton that’s means sanctuary and forest in old Celtics language. I love bring people into trees, sleep up there for a night in a hamac, read a book or listen a music event. As a tree educator I used ropes to guide people curious to discover the canopy, climb bearfoot or just explore the branches. I also give yoga class in the forest, because I believe we can feel our connexion with nature and understand the global link between everything when we practice into the forest.

Your hobbies

Climbing, hiking, cycling, practice aerial silk, drawing and playing music

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As soon as possible

Expertise in yoga

Already 200Hrs RYT

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Hatha, Yin

Teaching experience

I’m a yoga teacher since two years in the town of Gap in France. I also work as a yoga teacher with children in some primary schools.