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Ornella Hilen

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Amichetti Quentrequeo






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GMT-3 +Argentina Time (ART) Brasilia, Buenos Aires

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Morning, AM


Spanish, English, German

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I am from Argentina (Patagonia) but lived in Germany for the past 10 years. Now I am currently in Patagonia & coming back to Europe end of Oct. I studied cultural management and tourism, and worked the past 7 years as an international student consultant, in German schools and NGOs until I wanted to do a shift in my life and started to take a leap and explore an alternative career.

My first contact with Yoga was when I was 17 years old. Then I had the luck of discovering Hatha through a highly experienced, authentic and spiritual Teacher. I practised Hatha for some months with her and it deeply changed me. Many years I practised only irregularly/intermittently until last year when I took the decision to fully commit myself to the practise and lifestyle.

Now I enjoy my daily practise and to learn everyday.

Besides Yoga I love the mountain culture and sports like skiing, hiking, etc. Open to collaborate and create with other like-minded spirits.

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Mountains, Hiking, Ski, Chanting, Singing, indigenous cultures and yoga.

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As soon as possible

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Guided meditations and started to teach some Vinyasa practises to my friends (only a few hours now)