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La Serena, Elqui

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GMT-4 Atlantic Standard Time (AST) Maritimes, Santiago

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Morning, AM


Russian (native), English (second/fluent), Spanish (third/basic)

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Hi all! My name is Nina and I’m 35 years old. From my childhood I felt myself a bit different than others, cause of this I became the big fan of Yoga and Meditations. Also cause of this, I just left everything in my mother country and went to travel. My first meeting with Yoga and Meditations was in 2005. But firstly I became the fan of Meditations. I’ve been practicing Meditations for the past 16 years. As I lived for several years in Indonesia, especially in Bali, I had really strong one teachers. On of them is the monk in Besakih Temple and one is the healer (even more than just healer, I just don’t know how to name him with his capabilities) from Java Island. That experience was the most powerful in my life. Unfortunately, I haven’t been practicing Yoga for the same long time. Mostly, it wasn’t regular. But the last year I started to practice every day with 90 min lessons. And now I feel myself ready to develop more. I want to be the professional in that sphere cause I love it! Now I’m living in Chile. In very beautiful city on the cost of the Pacific Ocean. And super near us the most magic place in the world called Valle de Elqui. I’m very happy to become a student of Holistic Yoga School and a member of House of Om Community!

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Music, traveling, reading

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As soon as possible

Expertise in yoga


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Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow

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My teaching experience is:

  • Meditation
  • Healing

But mostly I just work with people to help them.