Yoga Index. Warrior Pose A

Veerabhadrasana A

  • The classical Veerabhadrasana is done to stimulate a ‘vayu’ in the navel area that manages our sleep, therefore, this is a great pose to do to overcome sleepiness. This finds mention in the Indian epic ‘Ramayana’ where Lakshmana holds this pose for a very long time to ward off sleepiness as he guards his sister-in-law, Sita.
  • In the modern variation of this pose, the emphasis is on the muscular strengthening of the lower body, and also stretching the back muscles.
  • If one finds it hard to keep the back heel on the floor, you can leave the ball of the foot on the floor and keep the heel in the air

‘Veerabhadr’ was a mythical warrior created by Shiva. According to the legend, Shiva was furious that he wasn’t invited by his wife’s (Sati) father, Daksha to a ‘Pooja’ or ritual ceremony that he was hosting in his kingdom. Shiva being an ‘Aghori’ ascetic, with a fearful countenance and who had many spirits with him all the time – Daksha didn’t want to welcome him to his prayer ceremony. Sati was sad that her husband wasn’t invited and Shiva decided to annihilate the ceremony. He threw down a lock of his matted hair and ordered it to become a warrior with instructions to go and destroy the ceremony that was happening. That warrior was called Veerabhadr – and these poses are named after him!