Online Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Accreditation

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Online and on demand 200 Hrs YTT with Lifetime Access

Meet Your Instructors

Ewelina Zablocka

Experienced Yoga & Meditation Teacher, with 500h Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh YogPeeth, India.

100h Meditation Teacher Training, Nirvana Yoga Shala Mysore, India. 100h Ayurveda Foundation Course, Ayur Yoga Eco Ashram, India. Dedicatedto share her passion for conscious, healthy and happy living.

Wissam Barakeh

Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (ERYT 200).

Founder of House of Om, Specialize in Reiki & Energy Healing, Hypnosis & Life Coaching, Yoga & Meditation Teacher since 2017.

Pewee Sanchez

Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, a 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training (ERYT 500).

Founder of Yogafirst, offering 200, 300, 500 YTT, Swing Yoga TT and many other programs since 2009.

What makes House Of Om online YTT course unique?

-Affordable Price
We are a community-focused group and charity organization designed to improve wellbeing, elevate spirituality and add more love and light to the world.

Giving back to the community
From every registration, we donate, from the heart,10% to humanitarian acts

Personalize Training
Assigned teacher for each and every student, to supervise, adjust, guide, support, and help to uncover your own teaching style and become the best version of yourself on the yoga mat and in life

200hrs Yoga Alliance Accredited Certificate
For the First time ever, and due to the current lockdown, Yoga Alliance allowed giving accreditation when you complete the course before the end of 2021.

Yoga alliance certificate is accredited globally and you will be eligible to teach yoga anywhere around the world

Interactive Training
Live video conferences with your personal assigned teacher (practice teaching on webcam and get live feedback)

Alone but not lonely
Online Community that shares ideas, genuine love and support!
A support study group with a small number of like-minded people
Access to discussion blog with other students and specialists

Easy and Convenient
Accessible from any smart device or computer

Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere with the possibility to slow down, replay, skip ahead or even pause for some time!

–    High Quality and Qualified Teachers 

–    Student’s Engagement: 
You will be required to submit some homework and assignments in addition to upload videos of your teaching skills.

    Live broadcast of our monthly full course:
The 21 Days of the live broadcast of the full 200Hrs Yoga teacher training will be repeated on a monthly base that you have full access for lifetime.

All our classes are recorded live from our school in Bali with full interaction with the students.

All classes are saved on our Youtube channel.

    Lifelong Access:
Full access to our online materials, (curriculum, video, article, music, etc..)

Full access to Monthly live broadcasting YTT

Live Broadcast Course Dates:

The 200 hours Yoga teacher training will be covered on a monthly base as per the following dates:

Apr 7th, 2020 – Apr 27th, 2020
May 7th 2020 – May 27th 2020
Jun 7th 2020 – Jun 27th, 2020
Jul 2nd 2020 – Jun 22nd 2020
Aug 2nd 2020 – Aug 22nd 2020
Sep 2nd 2020 – Sep 22nd 2020
Oct 2nd 2020 – Oct 22nd 2020
Nov 2nd 2020 – Nov 22nd 2020
Nov 28th 2020 – Dec 18th 2020
Jan 6th 2021 – Jan 26th 2021

Requirements for Certification

To Earn Your Yoga Teacher Certification Online with House Of Om, You Will Complete the Following:

  • Final Teaching Evaluation (Video Class Evaluation)
  • Written Examination
  • Written Quizzes and Homeworks
  • Self Practice Logs

Continuous Education at 50% Extra Discount

If you have already ytt200 from another school you can enroll for reduced price

This course includes:

✔ 80+ Hours Yoga Session Videos

✔ 50 Articles

✔ 1 Yoga Manual

When you enroll in our Online Yoga Teacher Training Course These Are The Topics:

History of Yoga From Past to Present

Yoga Philosophy (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Much More)

Anatomy (Applied Yoga Anatomy of the Entire Body, Anatomical Terms, Systems of the Body)

Asana Technique Workshops  (Step By Step Breakdown of Yoga Poses and Self Improvement Steps)

Energy Anatomy (Chakras, Energy Channels, Yoga Class Applications)

Yoga Alignment (Posture, Body Assessment, Appreciating Uniqueness of Different Body Types, Bandhas & More)

Asana Library of over 100+ Asanas 

Yoga Class Design (Sequencing Theories, Multi-Class Platform: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Restorative, Hatha Yoga Class Formats)

Teaching Methodology (Tools of Teaching at a High Professional Quality Standard)

Business Of Yoga (Success Tips from the Industry Experts at how to thrive in your yoga projects)

Adjustments (Safe and Effective hands on adjustments for different types of Asanas)

Introduction to AyurvedaPranayama (10 different pranayama techniques and how to teach pranayama)

Relaxation & Meditation (How to facilitate Relaxation and Mediation Sessions)

Yogic Diet (Principles for transformation thru food from Yoga and Ayurvedic practices)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Online Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Accreditation

$333 limited time offer