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Bonus 26. Sanskrit Lesson 14

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Bonus 26. Sanskrit Lesson 14

Speaking Sanskrit to spice up your class not only provides your students with a much more authentic experience but also allows you to immerse yourself into the history and culture behind the practices.


Bandha (Sanskrit: बन्ध) is a sanskrit word that means ‘lock’ or ‘hold’, or ‘tighten’.


Mūlabandha (Sanskrit: मूलबन्ध): “root lock”. It is An inner contraction of the anus which draws the downward-tending apāna breath upward through the medial channel.


Uddiyana Bandha (Sanskrit: उड्डियान बन्ध) is a sanskrit word that refers to ‘Abdominal Lock’.


Jālandharabandha (Sanskrit: जालन्धरबन्ध) “the lock of the net bearer” “Contract the throat and press the chin firmly against the chest”. From the Haṭha Yogha Pradīpikā (chapter III)


Mahābandha (Sanskrit: महाबन्ध) translated as “The great bandha” ,it is the combination of all three bandhas together while the breath is retained outside.