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Accessing on Mobile

When you’re on the go, computer may not always be accessible. Take yoga teacher training with you and use our platform on your mobile device. Let’s see how it works in a few simple steps!

First, let’s access the lessons.

When you open our website on mobile, the main page is visible. In the top left corner you will see the menu button. Tap it. In the newly opened slide bar select “Sign in” and enter your email and password.

You are now logged in to the platform. Here select your course, in this case tapping on “Course information”. This will load the course page and allow you to scroll down. Tap “Continue”.

Upon accessing the lessons, you will be taken to the last incomplete class. To toggle between the Modules and Lesson view (expand and collapse the Module menu), tap the icon with two arrows facing each other in the top right corner.

You can also use the platform in Night mode. To toggle it, tap the moon or sun icon next to the course expansion/ collapse icon.