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200Hrs Yoga Teacher Training

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Public Group

As Part of the 200Hrs YTT, Make sure to join the Students Group, It’s an open group where you can chat with other students/ teachers, share comments and photos on the wall as feeds, in addition, to join a particular discussion.

In the Feed You can share comments, smiles, and photos, reply to other comments, and give thumbs up for any comment you like 🙂

Discussion: in case you feel like joining or open a new topic, use discussion for more focused and organized communication in a structured, bulletin-board style fashion.

Private Group

Based on your timeframe/ intention to finish the course and time zone, you will be in a private group with an experienced teacher and a student coordinator.

we have mainly 2 groups:

Less than 2 months with 6 weekly Zoom calls in the first 6 weeks and the last 2 weeks it will be a preparation for the final exam.

More than 2 months with 6 bi-weekly zoom calls (2 Every month) for the first 3 months.